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Process of Writing Letters and Some Examples To Help

Some patients choose to buy a thank you card to write in. Other patients write a letter or a poem.

You can write as much or as little as you feel comfortable with.

Do not write your address, telephone number or surname, as we need to protect confidentially.

You can put the first names of yourself and your family and also the date. You might start the letter by saying hello or dear friends or dear family.

Never make assumptions about the religion, race, or culture of the donor family.

You should write the feelings from your heart and not what you think the family want to hear or things that you have overheard other patients in the clinic say.

When you have written the letter or card, do not seal the envelope or write anything on it. Send it to the coordinators with a covering letter to,  (St James University Hospital Leeds patients only)

Transplant Coordinators

Address Required


They will then read through the letter and forward it on to the coordinator who is looking after the donor family. Remember, the letter will only be passed onto the donor family when they are ready to receive it, so do not worry that you  may cause distress or upset.

The experience is that the donor families very much appreciate receiving such letters and find it a comfort to know their relative has been able to help others.

Please bear in mind, the donor family may want to reply. You may want to take some time to think about how you would feel if this happens. If you require any further information or just want to talk through aspects of writing to your donor family, then please get in touch with your named coordinator, or any member of the coordinators team.


 Introductions to Help you Start your Letters Off                                                                      

I will never be able to tell you all the feelings that I have for  your family,but i want you to know how grateful I am, etc.

 I would like to thank you for your generosity in giving a part of your loved one to me. I am very sorry for your loss, etc.

 I am growing stronger and healthier every day and keep your family in my thoughts and prayers always, etc.

 What a blessing you have given me, I keep your family in my thoughts and prayers, etc.

Thank you for entrusting me with a living legacy from your loved one, I will treasure the gift.

Letter Examples