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Leeds Adult British Transplant Games Team

Following Anokh Goodman becoming team manager last year the team had a great time in Newcastle and Gateshead, the venue of the 2015 games. The Leeds Team underwent somewhat of a reformation and re-focusing of efforts onto what the games stand for and are all about. They highlight the courage and determination of the competitors and the fantastic sacrifice of all the donors and their families. The games continue to stand as a testament to all involved in the transplant teams within the hospitals and are a tribute to the skills of all the surgeons and support services involved in extending peoples lives.

The Leeds Adults Team spirit between all the competitors and supporters who competed and attended was a credit to the motivational and organisational skills of Anokh and his helpers. Culminating in a fantastic night at the Sage theatre where the Britain wide adult teams met up for the Gala dinner and presentation ceremony rounded off what was a brilliant games.

This years games are being held in Liverpool and the registration website is now open. If you registered last year then you will have received a re-activation email to log on and register. If not then please go to the registration website by clickig the image below.

Team Meeting

Following the team meeting on 28th at Leeds there were renewed friendships from last year and introductions to new and eager competitors for this year. To help point people in the right direction and to help with advertising of upcoming fund raising events Janet Atherton, the founder of the Liver Transplant Support Group (LTSG), has agreed to allow posting of some relevant information for everyone on this website. In the long term then feasibility of an individual Leeds TG sports team website will be assessed. But for now find below information for you to look at and follow the links to additional sites.

Team Information    - Signup to the organ donor register! - NHS Blood & Transplant    - Leeds Adults Team Page    - Transplant Sport site

Click on the image above to be taken to Johns “justgiving” website for donations to support the Leeds Adults Team Funds.


Leeds Adults

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