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The following companies have a special interest in providing travel insurance to people with a medical condition. Hopefully one of them will be able to help you.

You should be prepared with details of your medical history and any medication you are currently prescribed.

Different companies use different criteria to decide whether or not they

will issue insurance, or by how much the premium may increase with each individual.

Some companies charge extra to cover people with medical conditions, and the excess payable may vary a great deal, so it is worth shopping around.

Some companies will insist that you carry the new European Health Insurance card when in Europe.This is available from the Post Office.

AA TRAVEL INSURANCE––-0844 482 0808

If currently got a medical condition, they will only usually insure for single trips, not annually. This is called ‘One Stop Travel Insurance’.

AGE UK––-0845 600 3348

No upper age limit and they say they cover pre-existing medical conditions wherever possible.

ALL CLEAR TRAVEL INSURANCE —–0845 250 5200/5250

Helpful staff and easy to use website. This company receives consistently good feedback from many patients.

AVIVA––-0800 051 3606

Will only insure anyone under the age of 70. If you are aged 70 or over you will be referred to All Clear Travel Insurance above. We have received good feed back about their premiums, particularly for travel within Europe.

CITY BOND SURE TRAVEL––-0845 6180345

You may be transferred to a line for medical screening (Bombay) or you can complete the medical screening online. You than are transferred back to City Bond to finalise the agreement. We have had good feedback about this organisation.


This has also received good feedback.


Their cover is underwritten in most cases by AXA. Helpful organisation and been given good feedback by many patients.


Partners with Bromley Insurance Services Ltd to provide specialist travel insurance for those

that find it difficult to obtain appropriate cover for pre-existing medical conditions or age. Online application form. We have received positive feedback about the service and premiums.

HIGOS INSURANCE SERVICES––-01458 270374 / 0845 450 4286

Provide cover for pre-existing medical conditions.

INSURANCEWITH––-0845 2307159

Single trip insurance only. Positive feedback on screening process and helpfulness.


A not for profit organisation. Provides travel insurance that includes medical conditions at a price that is affordable. Each person’s medical condition is assessed individually.


A ‘special care’ policy is available for people with medical conditions. They normally offer insurance for travel to Europe only and usually under 65 yrs of age. However, they may consider different circumstances. They will normally send you a medical form that you must get your doctor to complete.

Insure For All––-0800 082 1265

While they offer insurance for all, they do specialise in travel insurance for those aged over 50 and for those with pre-existing medical conditions like us.

‘Medical Insurance Anywhere’ produce a policy for pre existing medical conditions. Reasonable rates. The MIA master travel Protection Plan policy does not require a form or letter to be completed by a specialist or GP. We have had very positive feedback about helpful service.

PULSE INSURANCE––-01280 850 6666

Specialise in providing travel insurance for people who are considered ‘high risk’ by the insurance industry generally. Please note that patients have had varying success with each of the companies mentioned above. We cannot predict how each of these will deal with your particular case. These are compiled from feedback and recommendations we have been given.

Other contacts to try are Marks and Spencer, Direct Line Insurance, Royal Bank of Scotland, The Post Office and BIBA – British Insurance Brokers Association (0870950 1790) who can supply names and phone numbers of insurance brokers. They can also offer assistance when making a claim.

Please note that insurance companies’ criteria for offering cover may change. Although the companies listed aim to be helpful, we cannot guarantee that you will get the cover you need, or at a reasonable price.

Whether cover is provided is unpredictable because a company that one person recommends may not give cover to someone elsewith a similar medical condition due to their personal situation. Also, many companies will not offer annual policies to people undergoing treatment, or those who have had it recently, and they may change their criteria at any time.